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Created: Oct 18, 2017
Members: 2
About groups
StatCrunch Groups allow users to form clusters around common interests and share data sets, results and reports within the group. As an example, students taking the same statistics course might form a group.

A group can also be used to collect content focused on a specific topic. For example, a single user might want to create a group featuring a number of data sets and analysis results on a specific topic such as sports or politics.

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Responses to Mac or PC? 2desidoodle365Oct 29, 20171KB26

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Two sample proportion summary hypothesis testdesidoodle365Oct 30, 2017174B22
Gender- Maledesidoodle365Oct 30, 2017174B19
Pie Chart With Datadesidoodle365Oct 30, 2017174B69
Right taileddesidoodle365Oct 29, 2017174B24
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Group: Gender=Female
Count = 30
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Group: Gender=Male
Count = 30
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darineconnerOct 26, 20172KB30

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