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Created: Dec 31, 2010
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Responses to Social Media Survey
Respondents provided their most used social media application (Media App), how many minutes they spent on social media per day (Time spent), the number of times they visited social media per day (Visits per day), the number of posts they make per week (Posts per week), their gender (Gender), and their age (Age).
scsurveyOct 24, 2017196KB4510
Responses to Self-driving Cars
Respondents provided if they would be comfortable riding in a self-driving car (Comfortable), how many years it would take before self-driving cars were the majority on the road (When), if they expected accidents to increase, decrease, or stay the same when self-driving cars dominate the road (Crashes), their sex (Sex), and their age (Age).
scsurveyJul 18, 2017154KB1801

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Survey/Description Owner Created Status Responses
Favorite hour of the dayscsurveyFeb 18, 2013closed702
Favorite Web BrowserscsurveyJan 31, 2013closed604
The future of the U.S.scsurveyNov 9, 2012closed1494
Smartphone SurveyscsurveyOct 1, 2012closed1583
Space Travel
Virgin America Airlines just offered their top frequent flyer a free trip to outer space.
scsurveyAug 30, 2012closed1771

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