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Administering surveys and analyzing the results
This tutorial covers the steps for administering and analyzing data from a StatCrunch survey. While a StatCrunch account is required to create a survey, a survey can be answered on any device with internet access with or without a StatCrunch subscription. The survey results can be easily pulled into StatCrunch software to be analyzed. The survey shown in this example was created by following the steps covered in Creating surveys.
Opening the survey to responses
By default StatCrunch surveys are closed to responses. Once a survey is completed with all questions added, click the Change status link within the Owner’s Box or the Edit link under Survey Properties. This will reopen the survey information page allowing for the editing of the survey’s settings.
Under the Status header, check the Open for responses box and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The survey will now be opened so that individuals can respond.
Collecting responses
Once a survey is open for responses, additional items will appear within the Owner’s box including ways for sharing the survey as shown below. Recall an individual can submit a response to a StatCrunch survey without having a StatCrunch subscription. The Email link option provides a website URL that any individual can use in order to take the survey. The HTML link option provides code that can be placed into an HTML document as a way of linking directly to the survey. The Embed in Web page option provides HTML referencing javascript code at that allows for including the survey on any webpage that allows for external javascript. Additionally, there are options to post the survey to either Twitter or Facebook directly. The number of surveys responses is displayed in red. Click on the Update count every 20 seconds for 3 minutes to automatically refresh the number of survey responses. This is most useful in situations such as a conducting the survey in a live class where responses are expected within a short time frame. When data collection is complete, it is recommended that the status of the survey be changed back to Closed to responses as described above.
Analyzing the resulting data
Once responses have been collected, click the Analyze link to pull all the data into a StatCrunch for analysis. The screen shot below shows the survey page after six responses were received.
Below are the results pulled into a StatCrunch data table from the six responses. These responses can be analyzed using StatCrunch or saved for future use as a StatCrunch data set. Any editing of the responses completed within the data table will not impact the actual survey responses as stored within the StatCrunch system.

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