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  1. Choose On my computer to load a data file from the local system or On the Web to load a data file from the Web.
  2. Specify the location of a text file (.txt, .csv, etc...) or Microsoft Excel® file.
  3. If the first line in your file does not contain column names, uncheck the Use first line as column names option.
  4. For text files (not Excel files), specify the delimiter for the data values. For example, the delimiter for a .csv file is a comma.
  5. Click the Load File button to upload the data file.
About this data set: The data set contains information from a random sample of 30 four-bedroom homes listed for sale in the Bryan-College Station, Texas, area. For each home, the data set contains the list price in thousands of dollars (Price), square footage (Sqft), number of bathrooms (Baths) and location (Bryan, TX or College Station, TX). It is currently being shared on the StatCrunch site at

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