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  1. Select the name of the desired distribution from the menu listing (e.g., Binomial, Normal, etc.).
  2. In the first line below the plot in the calculator window, specify the distribution parameters. As examples, with the normal distribution, specify the mean and standard deviation; with the binomial distribution, specify n and p.
  3. In the second line below the plot, specify the direction of the desired probability.
    1. To compute a probability, enter a value to the right of the direction selector and leave the remaining field empty (e.g., P(X < 3) = ____).
    2. To determine the point that will provide a specified probability, enter the probability to the right of the equal sign and leave the other field empty (e.g., P(X < ____) = 0.25). This option is available only for continuous distributions.
  4. Click Compute! to fill in the empty fields and to update the graph of the distribution.
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