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  1. Choose the With Data option to use data from the data table.
    1. Select the column containing the sample values.
    2. Specify the outcome that denotes a Success.
    3. Enter an optional Where statement to specify the data rows to be included.
    Alternative: Choose the With Summary option to enter the number of successes and number of observations.
  2. Select the Hypothesis test or Confidence interval option.
    1. For a hypothesis test, enter the null proportion and choose ≠, <, or > for the alternative.
    2. For a confidence interval, enter a value between 0 and 1 for Level (0.95 provides a 95% confidence interval). For Method, choose Standard-Wald or Agresti-Coull.
  3. Click Compute! to view the results.
For each of 998 North Carolina births, this data set indicates whether the birth was premature. A 95% confidence interval for the proportion of all North Carolina births that are not premature is shown. The data set is available at

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