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StatCrunch Introduction

A brief introduction to the StatCrunch package showing how to load and analyze data with the software.

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Load data tables from Web pages directly into StatCrunch using the StatCrunchThis bookmarklet.

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Recent updates
September 2015 updates
  • Maps of US locations now allow for a sizing variable to be used.
  • Resampling applets have been significantly upgraded to gretaly improve speed and graphics.
  • The hypergeometric distribution has been added to the list of distributions available under the Data > Simulate menu.
  • The Fair dice? applet has been added to the new Applets > Games menu. This applet challenges users to study dice from several companies to see which company produces fair dice.
  • The Are you a psychic? applet has been added to the new Applets > Games menu. This applet challenges users to test their psychic abilities by predicting the outcomes of virtual coin tosses.
  • Detailed release notes for September 2015 updates
August 2015 updates
  • The bubble plot has been added to the StatCrunch Graph menu.
  • A new paint feature has been added to most StatCrunch graphs.
  • The StatCrunch two way ANOVA procedure now offers Tukey HSD results for each factor.
  • Detailed notes for August 2015 updates
May/June 2015 updates
  • Color scheme creation/editing has been further revised.
  • A new “Let’s make a deal” applet has been added.
  • The wording was improved and graphs were added for the randomization applets under the Applets > Resampling menu.
  • Markers, dividers, and a zooming feature were added to the Sampling Distributions applet.
  • Seeding was added to applets to be able to recreate randomized results.
  • StatCrunchThis has been updated to work on https web pages and to allow users to load data sets that are spread across multiple web pages.
  • Detailed notes for May/June 2015 updates
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