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Bike Sharing
This dataset contains the hourly and daily count of rental bikes between years 2011 and 2012 in Capital bikeshare system with the corresponding weather and seasonal information. - instant: record index - dteday : date - season : season (1:springer, 2:summer, 3:fall, 4:winter) - yr : year (0: 2011, 1:2012) - mnth : month ( 1 to 12) - hr : hour (0 to 23) - holiday : weather day is holiday or not (extracted from [Web Link]) - weekday : day of the week - workingday : if day is neither weekend nor holiday is 1, otherwise is 0. + weathersit : - 1: Clear, Few clouds, Partly cloudy, Partly cloudy - 2: Mist + Cloudy, Mist + Broken clouds, Mist + Few clouds, Mist - 3: Light Snow, Light Rain + Thunderstorm + Scattered clouds, Light Rain + Scattered clouds - 4: Heavy Rain + Ice Pallets + Thunderstorm + Mist, Snow + Fog - temp : Normalized temperature in Celsius. The values are derived via (t-t_min)/(t_max-t_min), t_min=-8, t_max=+39 (only in hourly scale) - atemp: Normalized feeling temperature in Celsius. The values are derived via (t-t_min)/(t_max-t_min), t_min=-16, t_max=+50 (only in hourly scale) - hum: Normalized humidity. The values are divided to 100 (max) - windspeed: Normalized wind speed. The values are divided to 67 (max) - casual: count of casual users - registered: count of registered users - cnt: count of total rental bikes including both casual and registered
yesje175May 11, 20161MB42
CO2 vs Temp Data.xls
A list of the average Carbon Dioxide level and average temperature in the Continental US from 1966 to 2015
yesbaldak@comcast.netMar 17, 2016922B167
Body Temperature
Data taken from the Journal of Statistics Education online data archive. That archive in turn got the data from an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (Mackowiak, et al., "A Critical Appraisal of 98.6 Degrees F …", vol. 268, pp. 1578-80, 1992).
"Body Temp" is measured in degrees fahrenheit
"Heart rate" is the resting beats per minute
yesstatcrunchhelpMar 8, 20162KB639
male and female body temperatureyeslisetrivettFeb 17, 2016659B2499
Breast Cancer
Datafile Name: Breast Cancer Datafile Subjects: Health , Medical Story Names: Breast cancer Reference: A.J. Lea. (1965). New Observations on Distribution of Neoplasms of Female Breast in Certain Countries. British Medical Journal, 1, 488-490. Text Citation: Velleman, P. F. and Hoaglin, D. C. (1981). Applications, Basics, and Computing of Exploratory Data Analysis. Belmont. CA: Wadsworth, Inc., pp. 127-134. Authorization: free use Description: Data contains the mean annual temperature (in degrees F) and Mortality Index for neoplasms of the female breast. Data were taken from certain regions of Great Britain, Norway, and Sweden. Number of cases: 16 Variable Names: Mortality: Mortality index for neoplasms of the female breast Temperature: Mean annual temperature (in degrees F) In the early 1960s, data were collected from official statistics registers of Great Britain, Norway and Sweden on breast cancer mortality. Death rates for neoplasms of the breast were calculated for various age groups and for certain areas at the same latitude. Age-specific death rates were then calculated for each area and converted to a mortality index using 100 as the age-specific rate for all of England and Wales. The mean annual temperatures at various latitudes under study were obtained from the British Meteorological Office.
yesphil_larsonDec 2, 2015187B1330
Wind Chill Datayesgeorgew49Oct 12, 20152KB109
Average daily temperature in Cincinnati between fall equinox and mid-May in the years 2012-13.xlsxyesstikelrwJan 28, 20143KB124
Cincinnati temperature Winter 2012-13.xlsxyesstikelrwJan 28, 2014970B67
Average daily temperature in Cincinnati between fall equinox and winter solstice in the year 2012.xlsxyesstikelrwOct 10, 2013993B137
Responses to Ideal summer temperature
Respondents provided their ideal summer temperature (in degrees), their gender and their age. Considering the histogram, it appears that some respondents may have specified the temperature in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.
yesscsurveyOct 9, 201327KB578
Body temperatures for 130 healthy adults
yeswikipetersonApr 23, 20132KB1184
Daily average temperatures for Houston and Raleigh over several years
Daily average temperatures are provided form January 1, 1995 to November 19, 2012. The daily average is calculated as the mean of 24 hourly readings. Values of -99 represent missing values. Which city is typically hotter? How well can you predict the average in one city using the average from the other? Should your predictions depend on the season?
yeswebsterwestDec 6, 2012125KB1069
CONTENT: Normal Body Temperature, Gender, and Heart Rate TYPE: Random sample SIZE: 130 observations, 3 variables This article takes data from a paper in the _Journal of the American Medical Association_ that examined whether the true mean body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. These data are derived from a dataset presented in Mackowiak, P. A., Wasserman, S. S., and Levine, M. M. (1992), "A Critical Appraisal of 98.6 Degrees F, the Upper Limit of the Normal Body Temperature, and Other Legacies of Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich," _Journal of the American Medical Association_, 268, 1578-1580. Variable: Temp = Body temperature (degrees Fahrenheit) Sex = Gender (1 = male, 2 = female) Beats = Heart rate (beats per minute) Additional information about these data can be found in the "Datasets and Stories" article "What's Normal? -- Temperature, Gender, and Heart Rate" in the _Journal of Statistics Education_ (Shoemaker 1996).
yesshudemoNov 23, 20121KB514
This data shows body temperature, heart beat rate, and gender of 107 healthy adults
yesbwachsmuth1Oct 9, 20121KB1373
1972-2011 fire season (May 15-Oct 31) fuel moisture and max temperature data from Meyers (ID 042607) remote automated weather station (RAWS)
yesrstriplin01Jun 8, 2012248KB56

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