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Money magazine best places to live (2007)yeswebsterwestMay 9, 20085KB176
Number of top 100 best places to live per state (2007)yeswebsterwestMay 8, 2008630B167
moneyball red soxyeschrisv617Dec 19, 20148KB4
MoneyBall StatCrunch yesjonathan.jovin2.0@gmail.comDec 19, 2014885B7
Money Team data set2yesnrobbie@elon.eduApr 17, 20141.010B5
Fast Food Moneyyessg_lage@yahoo.comSep 29, 2013700B28
yessarahgrizzle@sbcglobal.netApr 1, 2013155B29
MoneyTest.xlsxyesawagler2Sep 15, 20112KB22
Money Market.xlsyestonimarquard@scApr 7, 2010254B12
Annual Movie Data 2008 Random Sampling.txtyeswpd1728@yahoo.comJan 7, 20107KB1035
Top CitiesyesstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009217B68
Rates of Return of StocksyesstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009463B34
money paid for internet services
yesds-8845%scAug 11, 2008214B28
Forbes Top 100 Celebs for 2001
Top 100 Celebrities sorted by their Forbes power rankings.
8 Variables:
  • powerrank - some unknowm combination of the other variables
  • name - Celebrity name
  • moneyrank - rank in terms of earnings
  • earnings - Amount earned in millions for calendar year 2000
  • webhits - Web mentions generated by Google.
  • pressclips -Press clips generated by Lexis-Nexis
  • magcovers - Magazine covers based on the number of times a celebrity's face appeared on the covers of 14 major consumer magazines.
  • tv/radiohits- TV/radio mentions compiled via Dow Jones Interactive's transcripts.

  • yesds-1499%scAug 11, 20084KB41
    Popular Kids
    Subjects were students in grades 4-6 from three school districts in Ingham and Clinton Counties, Michigan. Chase and Dummer stratified their sample, selecting students from urban, suburban, and rural school districts with approximately 1/3 of their sample coming from each district. Students indicated whether good grades, athletic ability, or popularity was most important to them. They also ranked four factors: grades, sports, looks, and money, in order of their importance for popularity. The questionnaire also asked for gender, grade level, and other demographic information. Number of cases: 478 Variable Names: Gender: Boy or girl Grade: 4, 5 or 6 Age: Age in years Race: White, Other Urban/Rural: Rural, Suburban, or Urban school district School: Brentwood Elementary, Brentwood Middle, Ridge, Sand, Eureka, Brown, Main, Portage, Westdale Middle Goals: Student's choice in the personal goals question where options were 1 = Make Good Grades, 2 = Be Popular, 3 = Be Good in Sports Grades: Rank of "make good grades" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important) Sports: Rank of "being good at sports" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important) Looks: Rank of "being handsome or pretty" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important) Money: Rank of "having lots of money" (1=most important for popularity, 4=least important)
    yesds-12%scAug 11, 200823KB134

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