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Responses to Healthcare worker satisfaction survey.csv
Healthcare worker job satisfaction survey tool
yeslinda892@yahoo.comMay 25, 20154KB40
Caffeine intake survey Emmayesemgonred@gmail.comMay 24, 2015326B13
Healthcare worker satisfaction survey toolyeslinda892@yahoo.comMay 21, 2015274B67
MAT215-Professor Racquet-Group 3
Group 3 Survey results for statistics project
yesclaudinesMay 20, 2015451B36
Responses to 2015 Survey for Lab and/or Class 11, 2015116KB47
Responses to Your Biggest Regret Survey
Respondents provided what they wish they would have been "more of" regarding their biggest regret. The possible answers were assertive, brave, cautious, honest, kind, persistent, selfless, sober and other (user specified). Respondents also provided their age and sex. The survey was conducted in April 2015.
yesscsurveyMay 4, 201524KB114
Responses to Password Security Survey
Respondents provided the number of individuals with whom they had shared their email password (Number), the number of times they had changed their password over the last year (Changed), whether or not they were currently in a relationship (Relationship), their sex (Sex) and their age (Age).
yesscsurveyApr 17, 201521KB193
mat 215 survey separated by travel enjoyment.xlsx
sorted by enjoyment
yeskristikayegirl@yahoo.comApr 11, 20154KB73
Survey Data.xlsxyesborey@ucmerced.eduMar 30, 20155KB71
Ileigh's Stat Project Survey (Responses).xlsxyesikugaMar 30, 20151KB50
mat 215 survey with random 50 selected
the survey of 178 sorted by a uniform distribution and then ordered by the uniform distribution to select the first 50 random items.
yeskristikayegirl@yahoo.comMar 19, 20155KB58
Responses to Vaccinations Survey
Respondents provided their opinion on whether or not parents should be required to vaccinate their children. Respondents also stated whether or not they currently have children, their sex and their age.
yesscsurveyMar 7, 201532KB363
Responses to 2015 vs. 2014 Survey
Respondents stated whether they thought 2015 would be better for them than 2014. They also provided their age and sex.
yesscsurveyFeb 5, 201541KB170
College Worth It?
This data set was collected via a StatCrunch survey. Respondents were asked if they think college is a good financial decision, if they currently attend or have attended college, their gender and their age. Check out the original survey here: Feel free to copy this survey and use for your own data collection.
yesstatcrunchhelpFeb 4, 201518KB1091
Movie Time Survey Group 1yesmeredithjodar@aol.comFeb 3, 20155KB302

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