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Health SurveyyesdlozimekJul 25, 20162KB1182
Results from Flu Shot SurveyyesdlozimekJul 22, 20162KB24
Coffee Drinker Surveyyessethbetsy13@gmail.comJun 12, 20163KB328
Completed Facebook survey report
The following data set is the result of a facebook survey completed by several fellow students and myself. The questions asked in the survey were 1) How many friends do you have 2) How many hours per day do you spend on Facebook 3) Do you feel Facebook takes time away from your family 4) Why do you use facebook.
yesdaniellerudd@hotmail.comJun 12, 201610KB116
MitchellV.Group A Survey Data Updated May 29 2016.xlsyesvalerie.mitchell.1971Jun 8, 201652KB62
CAFFEINE CONSUMPTION SURVEYyesyvettedgt@gmail.comJun 3, 20164KB221
Diabetic Survey for Statisticsyespachecodl79May 29, 20161KB99
Diabetic Survey Results
# of People Age Type Control
yesaslater84May 29, 20161KB76
Diabetic Survey Results
# of People Age Type Control
yespachecodl79May 28, 20161KB86
Diabetic Survey Resultsyeslisajgraf@yahoo.comMay 26, 2016951B53
Diabetic surveyyesbethmhillMay 25, 20161KB61
Coffee Drinkers Surveyyesilovelucy325@optonline.netMay 25, 20163KB488
Movie Survey Math 219 2015yescorp_richard@sac.eduMay 15, 20161KB121
Movie Theater Survey Prof. Johnsonyesreyesork@kean.eduMay 9, 20168KB73
SSA_University_Survey.xlsxyeskidibuy@my.erau.eduMay 5, 20162KB63

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