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Survey: Your height and ideal height of mate
This data set contains responses to a StatCrunch survey. Respondents provided their height (in inches), their opinion of the ideal height of their mate (in inches) and their gender. This data set has removed ten extreme observations.
yesstatcrunchhelpApr 15, 20142KB184
Survey: Is college worth it?
This data set was collected via a StatCrunch survey. Respondents were asked if they think college is a good financial decision, if they currently attend or have attended college, their gender and their age. Check out the original survey here: Feel free to copy this survey and use for your own data collection.
yesstatcrunchhelpApr 10, 201422KB54
Responses to Pizza Delivery Survey
Respondents provided their favorite restaurant for pizza delivery, their reason for liking it, the chances they would order pizza in the upcoming week, their gender and their age. The original survey can be seen at
yesscsurveyApr 2, 2014133KB112
Societal Position Survey 2yesm.j.hite@gmail.comMar 30, 20145KB32
Effect of Smoke on infants
Data was collected by a random survey of mothers in KY through a dance studio during November 2010 by SABRINA LAFFERTY & KAREN HOLLAND (ST 291 Fall 2010 candidates at HCTC) as a requirement for semester project. They asked 57 mothers about the gestation period for their pregnancies, the birth weight, the length of their newborns and whether they smoked while they were pregnant.
yesstatcrunchhelpMar 6, 20141KB431
Stats 10 Checkpoint 1 Survey Form.xlsxyeswu.jonathan.gFeb 21, 20144KB39
Stats 10 Checkpoint 1 Survey Form.xlsxyeswu.jonathan.gFeb 21, 20144KB26
Grossmont and Mesa Spring 2014 Stats Class SurveyyeskellyspoonFeb 20, 201423KB344
Responses to Intro Statistics Class Survey Fall 2012 yesstatcrunchhelpFeb 14, 20143KB74
X = Number of The Notebook movie viewings in 2013 for 224 Statistical Methods I students at UCF
The Notebook is one of the finest movies ever created EVER. Students were polled regarding the number of times they watched said film during the year 2013. iclicker2 software was used; poll conducted on 1-24-14
yesdaniel.inghram@ucf.eduFeb 14, 2014522B59
photo 1.JPGyesknudsenvFeb 14, 201434KB19
Responses to How do you take pictures?
Survey respondents specified the percentage of pictures they take with a mobile device, if they think a mobile device provides the same picture quality as a standalone camera, their gender and their age.
yesscsurveyFeb 11, 201432KB168
Clean Handwashing survey results.xlsxyesconniegambino@yahoo.comFeb 9, 20146KB214
Updated Group communication Survey 2-2-14yesrseifrit34@gmail.comFeb 7, 20142KB157
Responses to Class Survey 2/9/14yesypaulayFeb 6, 2014235B56

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