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SSA_University_Survey.xlsxyeskidibuy@my.erau.eduMay 5, 20162KB43
Asia_University_Survey.xlsxyeskidibuy@my.erau.eduMay 5, 2016692B37
Europe_University_Survey.xlsxyeskidibuy@my.erau.eduMay 5, 2016710B52
Cell Phone OLI
Math Math SAT score Verbal Verbal SAT score Credits Number of credits the student is registered for Year Year in college (1=Freshman, 2=Sophomore, 3=Junior, 4=Senior) Exer Time (in minutes) spent exercising in a typical day Sleep Time (in hours) spent sleeping in a typical day Veg Are you a vegetarian (yes, no, some) Cell Do you own a cell phone (yes, no) Cell Phones College students at a large state university completed a survey about their academic and personal life. Questions ranged from "How many credits are you registered for this semester?" to "Would you define yourself as a vegetarian?" Four sections of an introductory statistics course were chosen at random from all the sections of introductory statistics courses offered at the university in the semester when the survey was conducted, and the 312 students who completed the survey were students registered in one of the four chosen sections. In this exercise, we will use a subset of variables from the survey and use the collected data to answer three questions. Note that (1) these are real data, and (2) the symbol * in the worksheet means that this observation is not available (this is known as a "missing value").
yescorp_richard@sac.eduMay 2, 20168KB130
Responses_to_Group_9_Survey.csvyesjccook@mix.wvu.eduApr 11, 20166KB39
Music SurveyyesjulianuzzoApr 7, 20162KB346
Responses to The Next President
Respondents provided who they thought would be the the next President of the United States (President), whether they were likely to vote (Vote), who they intended to vote for in the election (VoteFor), their sex (Sex) and their age (Age). If respondents did not want to choose from the list of candidates provided, they had the opportunity to enter other candidate names (President Other and VoteFor Other).
yesscsurveyApr 6, 2016322KB121
Statistics Data Survey.xlsxyesjcosta147Mar 24, 20162KB146
on the work section where it said weekday and weekend some chose both so i just put 3 even though that was not part of it because i did not know what to put
yesllopez26@bristolcc.eduMar 21, 20161KB58
Professor Median Salaries by Discipline, Level, and Institution (2012-2013)
This data comes from the source listed above. The webpage gives the following description "These are the results of the 2012-13 Faculty in Higher Education Salary Survey by Discipline, Rank and Tenure Status in Four-Year Colleges and Universities conducted by The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR). Findings reflect the salaries of 184,924 tenured/tenure-track faculty members at 794 institutions nationwide. Salaries were reported by 794 institutions, including 478 private institutions and 316 public institutions, for 31 academic disciplines"
The dataset originally was created by Keisha Brown from Georgia Perimeter College. Each salary is the median salary based on the responses to the survey.
yesstatcrunchhelpMar 14, 201612KB172
National Longitudinal Youth Survey
The Youth survey consists of a nationally representative sample of youths who were 14 to 20 years old as of December 31, 1999.
This dataset tracks the Age, Height (in inches), Weight (in pounds), Gender, and the self reported "How would you describe your weight?" multiple choice answers for the individuals.
yesstatcrunchhelpMar 8, 2016330KB311
The Study of Different Pulse Rates in Children
The following data was taken from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey looking at students both male and female and their high school education level. Mainly, how many people did go to high school as opposed to the ones who aren't or can't go to high school? ORIGINAL DATA DERIVED FROM HERE:
yeszeedog14Mar 6, 2016975B149
Movie Survey 2016yeslikemyshorts72@yahoo.comMar 2, 20163KB161
Responses to FDOC Survey S1 16 CB yes15384298_ecollege_rmumlpFeb 22, 20162KB81
Organic Food Surveyyesdesign4destinyFeb 15, 20163KB208

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