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Responses to Healthcare worker satisfaction survey
Linda 1-20 Omar 21-41 Bruce 42-62 George 63-83 Glenda 84-104 Jonas 105-125
yeslinda892@yahoo.comJul 18, 20156KB106
Body Measurements from NHANES 2009-2010.xlsx
This data set of 10,253 households comes from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2009-2010. It is a merger of the Demographic Data with the Examination Data. RIAGENDR=1 has been replaced with RIAGENDR=MALE and RIAGENDR=2 has been replaced with RIAGENDR=FEMALE. Explanations of the numeric codes used for the other variables can be found at and NaN indicates missing data. Note: children and infants are over-represented relative to the general population.
yesenholtmannmmlJul 10, 20152MB145
Responses to 2015 Survey for Lab and/or Class 7, 2015124KB49
Responses to How old do I look?
The goal of this StatCrunch survey was to evaluate Microsoft's online tool that is designed to guess the age of individuals included in a photo. Respondents were asked to upload a photo of themselves and then enter their age in the photo (TrueAge) and the age provided by the tool (ToolAge). Respondents also provided their sex.
yesscsurveyJul 6, 20155KB47
Body Image Data Set
A student survey was conducted at a major university. Data were collected from a random sample of 239 undergraduate students, and the information that was collected included physical characteristics (such as height, handedness, etc.), study habits, academic performance and attitudes, and social behaviors. In this exercise, we will focus on exploring relationships between some of those variables. Note that empty boxes signify that this observation is not available (this is known as a 'missing value').Variables: Variables Gender - Male or Female Height - Self-reported height (in inches) GPA - Student's cumulative college GPA HS_GPA - Student's high school GPA (senior year) Seat - Typical classroom seat location (F = Front, M = Middle, B = Back) WtFeel - Does the student feel that he/she is: Underweight, About Right, Overweight Cheat - Would the tell the instructor if he/she saw somebody cheating on exam? (No or Yes)
yes33225049_ecollege_sacmlpJul 2, 20157KB206
Responses to Class survey - Summer 2015yespmillerJul 1, 20152KB150
Responses to Class survey - Summer 2015yespmillerJun 29, 20152KB31
Health SurveyyesdlozimekJun 29, 20151KB722
survey- # caffeinated drinks/shift- GROUP (original)yesjaneen.verbruggen@yahoo.comJun 7, 20153KB92
Group#2 Survey Tattoos/Body PeircingyesvioletiaaJun 7, 20152KB67
final survey Sleep group 1-2.xlsx
Final data set for sleep study Statistics class 2015
yescawinckler@me.comMay 31, 20153KB67
Caffeine intake survey Emmayesemgonred@gmail.comMay 31, 2015611B124
Susans Sleep Surveyyesimpssullivan@aol.comMay 27, 20151KB25
yeskelleyanne1@msn.comMay 27, 2015836B23

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