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Data Cleaning
This data set contains some incorrect data that can easily be found by using Data > Validate. (The data is from a survey about favorite Web browsers.)
yesstatcrunchhelpSep 30, 201414KB21
Responses to RN to BSN Survey (1).csvyesclubbody@twcny.rr.comSep 27, 20142KB16
Learning Support Survey thingyespablo.andura@gmail.comSep 24, 20147KB21
Responses to First Day of Class Survey FA 14 yes15384298_ecollege_rmumlpSep 23, 20143KB141
Fitness Survey Jennifer B. Johnsonyesshugabliss@comcast.netSep 21, 20143KB122
Responses to Life Expectancy Survey
Respondents were asked to provide their gender, age and the number of more years they expected to live.
yesscsurveySep 11, 201435KB156
MTH 161-D Survey Datayessavannahmc17Sep 4, 20146KB120
SLCC MATH 2040 FALL 2014 surveyyesaliamawSep 4, 20141KB89
americanCommunitySurvey.csvyes19613496_ecollege_salamlpSep 2, 201423KB151
Top US Problems
A Gallup survey taken in July and August 2014 asked 945 Republicans and 854 Democrats to name top U.S. problems. Only the top four responses are tabulated here: Immigration, Dysfunctional Government, Economy and Unemployment. The remaining survey responses are listed as Other.
yesstatcrunchhelpAug 29, 201434KB186
SLCC MATH 1040 FALL 2014 surveyyesaliamawAug 28, 20143KB141
Responses to Class Survey for Math 21yesmbourezAug 26, 20145KB201
MOD 2 sample survey.phpyescharlerf@my.erau.eduAug 24, 2014903B28
Responses to World Cup Survey
Respondents to this survey provided the number of World Cup games they had watched, whether or not the World Cup would increase the popularity of soccer in the US and whether or not they thought the U.S. would ever win the World Cup.
yesscsurveyAug 19, 20148KB401
WEEK6 DATA DISCUSSION: Elderly Health Care Consumption
yesdlozimekJul 30, 2014192KB306

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