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CSUMB_STAT100_Survey_Sp2016_RawData.xlsxyesdwisneski@csumb.eduFeb 4, 201633KB78
M3A2 Project Part 3 "coffee survey" Group 1yesmelissbai@outlook.comFeb 2, 201618KB38
GROUP 1 Survey - Sheet started by B.Ogando
yesbogando05@gmail.comJan 31, 20163KB66
Patient Safety Survey Excel.xlsxyespamz77@hotmail.comJan 30, 2016851B36
Patient Safety Survey Excel.xlsxyespamz77@hotmail.comJan 30, 2016851B8
Patient Safety Survey Excel.xlsxyespamz77@hotmail.comJan 30, 2016851B5
Group 3 Survey Spreadsheet (1).xlsx
Group 3 final survey spreadsheet
yesmollypie13Jan 30, 20163KB16
Music SurveyyesjulianuzzoJan 29, 20162KB132
Responses to Refugees in the United States
Respondents stated whether the U.S. should accept refugees from Iraq and Syria (Accept), the political party they most identify with (Party), and their sex (Sex). The survey was conducted in late 2015 and early 2016.
yesscsurveyJan 28, 201681KB156
Professor McBride, here you will find group one's completed and combined data set for the coffee survey. Please be gentle. :-)
yesmelissbai@outlook.comJan 28, 201618KB75
M2D1 Patient Safety SurveyyesvioletiaaJan 23, 2016450B56
Body Measurements from NHANES 2009-2010.xlsx
yesenholtmannmmlJan 16, 20162MB622
Responses to Organic Food
Responses to this survey were collected over the Fall of 2015. Respondents stated whether or not they had a preference for organic food, their age and their sex.
yesscsurveyNov 25, 201573KB552
Survey on Religionyesparsln16Nov 24, 20153KB68
Group 2 Surveyyesamylstory37Nov 17, 20157KB188

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