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Responses to Class Survey for Math 21yesmbourezAug 26, 20145KB79
Top US Problems
A Gallup survey taken in July and August 2014 asked 945 Republicans (in column 1) and 854 Democrats (in column 2) to name top U.S. problems. Only the top four responses are tabulated here: Immigration, Dysfunctional Government, Economy and Unemployment. The remaining survey responses are listed as Other.
yesstatcrunchhelpAug 25, 201416KB67
MOD 2 sample survey.phpyescharlerf@my.erau.eduAug 24, 2014903B15
Responses to World Cup Survey
Respondents to this survey provided the number of World Cup games they had watched, whether or not the World Cup would increase the popularity of soccer in the US and whether or not they thought the U.S. would ever win the World Cup.
yesscsurveyAug 19, 20148KB289
WEEK6 DATA DISCUSSION: Elderly Health Care Consumption
yesdlozimekJul 30, 2014192KB93
Finalized consolidated survey results.xlsyesmetrolinerJul 30, 20148KB138
WEEK2 DATA DISCUSSION: Health SurveyyesdlozimekJul 29, 20141KB138
Responses to Average Number of Years College Graduates Spend in Their Field of Study.MAIN
This was a survey looking to find the number of years a person was in the field they studied in was.
yeskathyhill11@yahoo.comJul 27, 20142KB77
Responses to Time Spent Watching TV - Cleaned up Responses
This is the useable data from my survey on time spent watching television. Briana Mack x00286210
yesbgmack33@yahoo.comJul 27, 20141KB125
Responses to Tattoos and You
Respondents provided the number of tattoos they have, whether or not they are thinking of getting one soon, their gender and their age.
yesscsurveyJul 17, 201448KB194
Responses to Paranormal Survey final part 1
Final data for part 1 of the paranormal project. All yes data with complete responses.
yescookierooks@yahoo.comJul 6, 20145KB101
Responses to Using Apps to Pay Final
This is my data results from my survey about app usage on smartphones
yesleagsteinberg@sbcglobal.netJul 6, 20141KB33
SLCC MATH 1040 SUMMER 2014 surveyyesaliamawJun 19, 20147KB462
finished survey statistics.xlsxyessharkysurfin@yahoo.comJun 15, 20142KB251
For what survey produced it, see and inputs of all team mates. Towards the end, some validation was done, deleting data where working hours was less than a work day, or outliers to legally admissible work days. Finally arbitarily long chains which were less likely to be encountered in draws of simulated data (M/F, Degrees etc.. were discarded). A total of 12 observations were thus thrown out. All Credit goes to Team 3,the Instructor, our unnamed Friends in the Nursing profession who enthusiastically did a last minute push through over their extended social media groups for data and the respondents who kindly took out time for the survey. Another thought is about the distribution of hours worked. Wven if random, it "should be" "centered on" certain hours a day* number of days, with deviations from centre penalised, while picking a sample.. The observations 38 appear many times for example, however without an explainable reason (we are talking of work-distribution among nursing staff sample) So do "primes" "47, 37, 29" It is not to argue that they "shouldn't occur", but there has to be some reason for their being so significant/vibrant. At this stage we may conclude that most of the respondents may not have been under full-time nursing employments in strict sense of the term. 42, 48,72,60, 50,40 appearing more often would give us less variation but more regularity in the data. Since we haven't tried stratification, we do not know "how often they should occur". We thus do not re-draw observations.
yesugoagwuJun 14, 20142KB311

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