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Stat Projectyesahill28@elon.eduApr 24, 20141KB32
VA Healthcare Survey
In February of 2012 I worked as a volunteer for the Durham VA. i was given the task of contacting a portion of the 312 veterans in Granville, Vance, Warren, and Franklin counties as part of the No Vet Left Out Program. This program was initiated to ensure 100% of those veterans who were eligible for healthcare were registered. Out of the 312 i was given 87 vets to call. I asked them if they were eligible for VA services, were they registered with VA, did they use the services, and their gender. I was able to obtain the numbers from that survey and use them in my project. The first graph shows the percentage of the 87 who were eligible for VA services. Out of the 87 less than 4% of the men and 3% of the women were not eligible for one reason or another. The second shows the percentage of eligible veterans who were enrolled in the VA system. This was the one that mattered because the VA target was 100% enrollment. As with the other graphs the percentages were lower for women because they are a minority in the military. The third one shows the number of enrolled vets who actually used VA medical services. This number was not as important as the VA desired target was 75% services use. As a result of the survey performed here, as well as hundreds of others around the country it was estimated that only 69% of veterans were registered with VA healthcare. A campaign was started to get the word out and register those who desired registration (one factor left out of the original survey). As of November 2013 the VA reported that the enrollment numbers improved to 94% (not counting the new applicants from Iraq and Afghanistan)
yesmdfrady@ncsu.eduApr 24, 20142KB53
Projectyespdouglas@elon.eduApr 23, 20142KB10
Stat Project datayesghayes3@elon.eduApr 23, 2014694B15
project 4.xlsxyesbng13Apr 18, 2014908B13
stat%20project....for%20stat%20crunch-2.xlsxyesjbrown60@elon.eduApr 18, 20145KB19
Dining Hall Projectyesadunne@elon.eduApr 16, 20144KB28
Project 1 Newyesc.debrowskyApr 15, 20144KB19
Project 1 Casey.xlsxyesc.debrowskyApr 15, 20142KB7
Integrative Project Lab 1yessandquis@bc.eduApr 15, 201441KB20
Project Data Body Measurement-3.xlsx
Project 2
yesjseabur1Apr 14, 201462KB8
Stats Project.xlsxyesg00206184Apr 14, 2014542B13
Final Stats Project - Studying in a group vs aloneyeszianna.andinoApr 13, 20142KB26
stat project.xlsxyesemily_miguel23@ymail.comApr 12, 20142KB21
Group Projectyesbeth10100Apr 11, 20142KB19

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