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Math 116: Happy Planetyesschwaba1@xavier.eduFeb 8, 201610KB103
Responses_to_SLCC_MATH_1040-403_ONLINE_S (2)yesdorismarilyn1980Feb 4, 2016664B76
Math 136 1001yeskfoong@glendale.eduJan 11, 201668B71
Project 5.5yesmasonmathieu11Dec 9, 201512KB62
MATH211 Comprehensive Assignment Data (2).xlsxyesangelamiltonOct 24, 20152KB51
Southwest ArrDelayMinutes
The data was obtained from the file Southwest Airline Date from the ERAU MATH 211/222 StatCrunch Group. The data only includes the variables DayOfWeek 2 and DayOfWeek 4 and their ArrDelayMinutes.
yesvpanibratets@gmail.comOct 11, 20152KB504
ms 132 fall 2015
gender: M or F ||| sports: play on sports team, Y or N ||| height: height in inches ||| handedness: R or L ||| Lhandspan: left handspan in inches ||| Rhandspan: right handspan in inches ||| fave color: favorite color selected from purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red ||| speed: fasted speed driven in mph ||| eye color: eye color selected from blue, brown, other ||| previous stats: taken a course in statistics before this one, No, HS = high school, College, Both = HS and College ||| math feeling: feelings about math, Hate, Dislike, None, Like, Love
yesmoyerj@husson.eduSep 15, 20156KB513
Alisson Moraes Math 222 Barnes & Noble vs Books-A-Million Final Paired T-Test Projectyesmoraes_airforce@hotmail.comJul 23, 20152KB135
Histogram of Best Actor Oscar Winners
yesxaviermarxusbattle@gmail.comJul 6, 2015164B49
Math #146 Download 1.xls
First StatCrunch Download
yesxaviermarxusbattle@gmail.comJul 5, 201516KB33
2015 SPRING MATH 1040 ONLINE Skittles Data (1).xlsx
Group data file for Skittles term project.
yesdmymiles@gmail.comFeb 9, 20151KB342
Survey Answers Math 215.xlsxyestenene@aol.comJan 25, 2015670B71
Math Survey
Survey compiled by Joshua Wayman
yeswaym8469Nov 19, 20148KB151
SLCC MATH 1040 HYBRID FALL 2014 surveyyesaliamawOct 20, 20142KB161
MLB 2013
MLB stats for 2013. Goal is find the best predictor of # of wins. Curated and collected by Jeff Eicher.
yesmrmathman1Oct 12, 20141KB524

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