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2015-2016 NBA Salariesyeslmcmath34Jun 9, 201622KB457
Responses to Movie Data Math 219yesmegansant4May 23, 20163KB65
Movie Survey Math 219 2015yescorp_richard@sac.eduMay 15, 20161KB135
Local College Data MH
The following data is for the year 2011 for colleges and universities in the Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Variables included in the data set include the college, type of college, location of college, admissions rate, SAT scores (Reading and Math, 75th percentile), tuition and fees, average amount of financial aid, enrollment (total and undergraduate), freshman retention rate, student/teacher ratio and graduation rate (5 year).
yesmhdrums1125May 6, 201624KB585
Cell Phone OLI
Math Math SAT score Verbal Verbal SAT score Credits Number of credits the student is registered for Year Year in college (1=Freshman, 2=Sophomore, 3=Junior, 4=Senior) Exer Time (in minutes) spent exercising in a typical day Sleep Time (in hours) spent sleeping in a typical day Veg Are you a vegetarian (yes, no, some) Cell Do you own a cell phone (yes, no) Cell Phones College students at a large state university completed a survey about their academic and personal life. Questions ranged from "How many credits are you registered for this semester?" to "Would you define yourself as a vegetarian?" Four sections of an introductory statistics course were chosen at random from all the sections of introductory statistics courses offered at the university in the semester when the survey was conducted, and the 312 students who completed the survey were students registered in one of the four chosen sections. In this exercise, we will use a subset of variables from the survey and use the collected data to answer three questions. Note that (1) these are real data, and (2) the symbol * in the worksheet means that this observation is not available (this is known as a "missing value").
yescorp_richard@sac.eduMay 2, 20168KB318
Math Project Right/Left Hand Reaction Timeyesdrummond.jared@yahoo.comApr 26, 2016362B107
MathMeetingyescondorjApr 22, 20161KB48
Husson Spring 2016 Data
Gender: Female or Male ||| Sports: play on sports team, Yes or No ||| Height: height in inches ||| Handedness: Left or Right ||| Left Handspan: left handspan in inches ||| Right Handspan: right handspan in inches ||| Favorite Color: favorite color selected from purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red ||| Speed: fasted speed driven in mph ||| Eye Color: eye color selected from blue, brown, other ||| Previous Stats: taken a course in statistics before this one, None, HS = high school, College, Both = HS and College ||| Year: First, Sophomore, Junior, Senior ||| Major: one of a number of majors ||| Feelings: feelings about math, Hate, Dislike, Neutral, Like, Love ||| FeelingsNum: rank of Feelings, 1 = Hate, 2 = Dislike, 3 = Neutral, 4 = Like, 5 = Love ||| Section: course section
yesmoyerj@husson.eduMar 9, 201620KB791
Math 116: Happy Planetyesschwaba1@xavier.eduFeb 8, 201610KB104
Responses_to_SLCC_MATH_1040-403_ONLINE_S (2)yesdorismarilyn1980Feb 4, 2016664B78
Math 136 1001yeskfoong@glendale.eduJan 11, 201668B71
Project 5.5yesmasonmathieu11Dec 9, 201512KB62
MATH211 Comprehensive Assignment Data (2).xlsxyesangelamiltonOct 24, 20152KB52
Southwest ArrDelayMinutes
The data was obtained from the file Southwest Airline Date from the ERAU MATH 211/222 StatCrunch Group. The data only includes the variables DayOfWeek 2 and DayOfWeek 4 and their ArrDelayMinutes.
yesvpanibratets@gmail.comOct 11, 20152KB521
ms 132 fall 2015
gender: M or F ||| sports: play on sports team, Y or N ||| height: height in inches ||| handedness: R or L ||| Lhandspan: left handspan in inches ||| Rhandspan: right handspan in inches ||| fave color: favorite color selected from purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red ||| speed: fasted speed driven in mph ||| eye color: eye color selected from blue, brown, other ||| previous stats: taken a course in statistics before this one, No, HS = high school, College, Both = HS and College ||| math feeling: feelings about math, Hate, Dislike, None, Like, Love
yesmoyerj@husson.eduSep 15, 20156KB519

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