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Health Survey ( from statcrunch )
A survey related to Health, source is statcrunch.
yesnpaschitti@gmail.comAug 26, 20152KB123
Body Measurements from NHANES 2009-2010.xlsx
yesenholtmannmmlAug 4, 20152MB502
Responses to Healthcare worker satisfaction survey
Linda 1-20 Omar 21-41 Bruce 42-62 George 63-83 Glenda 84-104 Jonas 105-125
yeslinda892@yahoo.comJul 30, 20157KB197
Health SurveyyesdlozimekJun 29, 20151KB974
Consumer Reports Healthy Chocolate Snack Barsyessmcdaniel04Jun 9, 20152KB153
Responses to Healthcare worker satisfaction survey.csvyesglendamneal@aol.comMay 27, 20154KB51
Healthcare worker satisfaction survey toolyeslinda892@yahoo.comMay 21, 2015274B89
For gender 0 is female and 1 is male. Age is in months, weight is in kilograms and all other measurements are in centimeters.
yeswebsterwestMar 13, 2015164KB246
States Data for 2008-2010
Poverty represents the percentage of the population living in poverty in 2009 (from Crime represents the violent crime rate per 100,000 population in 2009 (from College indicates the percentage of high school graduates going directly to college in 2008 (from Bachelors shows the percentage of the state's population with a Bachelor's degree or higher. Metro shows the percentage of the population living in a metropolitan area in 2010 (from Income represents the median income per household in US$ for 2010 (from
yeswebsterwestMar 12, 20152KB4522
Responses to Vaccinations Survey
Respondents provided their opinion on whether or not parents should be required to vaccinate their children. Respondents also stated whether or not they currently have children, their sex and their age.
yesscsurveyMar 7, 201532KB436
Health survey Final project.xlsxyesyvonne1227831@yahoo.comFeb 3, 20152KB355
health survey (4).xlsxyeskimandnick66@yahoo.comJan 30, 20154KB133
Weekly influenza tests reported to the CDC from 1997 through 2014
This data set contains the year, the week, the total number of specimens reported for that week, the number of the specimens that tested positive for the flu and the percentage of the specimens that tested positive for the flu.
yeswebsterwestJan 5, 201528KB523
file 2
Proportion of Adult Americans that favor the new health care law
yeslindabwanaNov 10, 20141KB132

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